Berghaus SMPS, long groen

Originele defensie uitgave, één beschikbaar !

Berghaus SMPS, long groen
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Berghaus SMPS Dragbag Long

This practical rifle pouch can hold a weapon up to 130 cm in length, longer rifles can be transported taken apart. To secure the weapon, multiple individually adjustable straps with clip closure are provided. The Dragbag has a removable back support system with extra hip and chest strap. As part of the SMPS concept, it can also be easily combined with the Crusader RC backpack. The main compartment is closed with a zipper and is additionally secured with several snaps. Opens into a usable shooting mat.

Originele Defensie uitgave ! Eén beschikbaar !!! Stuur een mail voor beschikbaarheid !

Ook beschikbaar Berghaus rugzak SMPS, van deze rugzak passen de zijtassen ook op deze wapentas !

- Internal MOLLE loops
- Material: 100% Nylon (Armadura 1000D)
- Dimensions: 135 x 38 x 9 cm
- Weight: 2.8 kg